• 10er Kunai Set [80109]
    Kunai 10 pieces Set

    The Kunai Set is back in stock and ready to ship.

    Balanced to perfection and ready to sail through the air with ease. This ten -piece set is constructed from stainless steel with unique wrapped grips and open hole pommels. Includes a durable nylon...

  • Honshu Boshin Katana

    The fantastic katana from United Cutlery is available from stock.

    https://www.swords-and-more.com/honshu-boshin-katana.htmlThe Honshu Boshin Katana epitomizes United Cutlery’s celebrated knack for fusing tradition and innovation into masterworks of modern sword ...

  • The Hobbit
    The Hobbit

    Many products from middle-earth are back in stock.

    Thought to have been destroyed in the great battle between Orcs and Dwarves, Azog the Defiler has come forth once more, and he will stop at nothing to hunt down and destroy every last member of the...

  • William the Conqueror Sword

    The beautiful sword from Windlass Steelcrafts is available immediately.

    https://www.swords-and-more.com/schwert-von-wilhelm-dem-eroberer.htmlThe year 1066 AD will forever be known as the turning point of British history with the Norman invasion, lead by Duke William...

  • Sword - Hadhafang
    Lord of the Rings coming back

    Some swords are available in limited quantity, order now!

    The following swords are available now:Sword - Hadhafang [14705]Sword - Ranger [14706]High Elven Warrior Sword [14734]More products from middle-earth can be found here.

The fantastic set is finally back in stock.

https://www.swords-and-more.com/one-piece-oden-s-enma-schwert-handgeschmiedet-gefaltet-set-blutdamast-edition.htmlEnma is one of the 21 O Wazamono grade swords. It was once wielded by Kozuki Oden...

19.05.2022 | Film & Fantasy, in stock

The axe from the series is now immediately available.

https://www.swords-and-more.com/vikings-axt-von-ragnar-lothbrok-handgeschmiedet.htmlThe weapon favored by Ragnar Lothbrok, this axe was essential in Ragnars rise from farmer to Earl, and from Earl...

18.05.2022 | Film & Fantasy, in stock

Anduril - Sword of King Aragorn »

17.05.2022 | Film & Fantasy, in stock

Thor Hammer made from steel with stand »

16.05.2022 | Film & Fantasy, in stock

Sword Art Online - Kirito's Elucidator - handforged »

15.05.2022 | Film & Fantasy, in stock
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