• The Hobbit Mirkwood Infantry Sword [14465]
    The Hobbit

    The Mirkwood Infantry Sword is back in stock and ready to ship again.

    The Mirkwood Infantry are soldiers of Woodland Guard, Silvan Elves sworn to protect and watch over the great forest of Mirkwood, Thranduil"s kingdom. They are lethal fighters and experts in the...

  • Riddick Sabre Claws
    Riddick Sabre Claws

    The daggers of Riddick are back in stock.

    The legend of Riddick grows everyday. After two movies they finally get the master craftsmen bring Vin Diesels best friends to life!Riddicks Sabre Claws! Two daggers 30.48 cm long, full tang...

  • Kill Bill
    Kill Bill

    Many products are available again.

    Four years later Beatrix Kiddo wakes up from the coma and begins her unforgiving retaliation campaign against Bill.The following swords are ready to ship again:3-piece Kill Bill Hattori Hanzo Sword...

  • Fighting Knives of Tauriel [40320]
    The Hobbit

    Many products from middle-earth are back in stock again.

    As Captain of the Woodland Guard, Tauriel carries signature twin daggers with blades forged of a bronzed alloy and a Silvan steel edge of superior strength. The hilts are crafted from greenwood with...

  • Medieval Buckler [19157]
    Cold Steel

    Many popular Cold Steel products are finally available again. Including the great Torpedo and the... 

    Essentially, a Buckler is a small shield about the size of a large dinner plate. It often accompanied a swordsman as an aid in defense. The Cold Steel training replica is stoutly made and has a...

The Witcher

The Silver and the Steel Swords of Geralt are back in stock again.

The Witcher (Polish Wiedźmin) is a computer game of the Polish development studio CD Projekt RED. It is based on a book series by the Polish fantasy writer Andrzej Sapkowski about the witcher and...

08.01.2019 | Film & Fantasy, Swords & Knives, in stock
Sleepy Hollow - Hessian Horseman Sword [40196]

The whole month of April we give 10% discount on all Windlass Steelcrafts products. So take a look in our shop and get the most beautiful and best... 

This massive, two-handed sword was used by the evil Hessian in the classic motion picture Sleepy Hollow. This sinister and powerful sword has the snake's head pommel with faux ruby jeweled eyes and...

01.04.2019 | Swords & Knives, in stock
Thor Hammer made from steel with stand [40654]

Thor Hammer made from steel with stand »

07.01.2019 | Swords & Knives, in stock
Anduril Sword Elite Series [40366]

Anduril Sword Elite Series »

29.01.2019 | Swords & Knives, in stock
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