• Pro Lite Clip Point [87116]

    Many products by Cold Steel, Condor, Emerson and Gerber are on sale now.

    The Cold Steel Pro-Lite was developed with one clear aim. To offer a folding knife with all of the strength and durability that our fans and customers have come to expect from Cold Steel products,...

  • Alita: Battle Angel Cosplay Replica 1/1 Damascus... 

    The sword will arrive in our warehouse again in late January. Get your sword now and reserve a copy!

    https://www.swords-and-more.com/alita-battle-angel-cosplay-replik-1-1-damascus-schwert.htmlForged before the Fall through the lost arts of URM (United Republic of Mars) metallurgy, the Damascus...

  • Pro Flight Sport
    Cold Steel Throwing Knives 2014

    New and for the first time available.

    For many years now Cold Steel had offered the ultimate in professional grade throwing knives. Their stout, heavy and superbly balanced throwers have become a mainstay in the throwing community and...

  • Special Agent Stinger Black Stiletto Nylon Sheath
    Special Agent Stinger Black Stiletto Nylon Sheath

    New knife by United Cutlery in the shop now.

    Designed for high impact combat, this stinger stiletto dagger is equipped with a black-coated 420 stainless steel double-edged blade and a black Santoprene handle. Includes durable nylon sheath with...

  • Shaolin Jie Dao [15131]
    Specials - 40% Discount

    We are clearing our stock and make room for new products.

    The following products are on sale now:Shaolin Jie Dao [15131]Gil Hibben Tailwind Plain Blade [80665]King Henry Ceremonial Sword [13618]S&W Handcuffs Nickelsilver [86067]More specials can be...

The blade is with 20% discount on sale now.

https://www.swords-and-more.com/morgul-klinge-messer-der-nazgul.htmlThis authentically detailed replica is a reproduction of the actual filming prop. The Morgul-blade is approx 63.3 cm overall,...

22.01.2020 | Swords & Knives, in stock

The hidden blade is on sale now.

https://www.swords-and-more.com/assassin-s-creed-versteckte-klinge-von-aguilar.htmlDive into the dangerous world of Assassins with this officially licensed replica of the Hidden Blade of Aguilar....

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Cold Steel Special »

17.01.2020 | Swords & Knives, in stock
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