• Mace of Azog The Defiler
    The Hobbit

    The Mace of Azog The Defiler is back in stock.

    Thought to have been destroyed in the great battle between Orcs and Dwarves, Azog the Defiler has come forth once more, and he will stop at nothing to hunt down and destroy every last member of the...

  • Sword of the king [41021]
    Film & Fantasy Swords

    Many popular swords from movies are ready to ship now.

    This is the blade of the king that broke in the battle of the last covenant. But the king still cut the one ring from the hand with the fragments of the sword. The fragments became the symbol of...

  • The Walking Dead - Michonne
    The Walking Dead - Michonne´s Katana - handforged

    The sword is back in stock - order now and get it before christmas.

    The U.S. series "The Walking Dead" is an adaptation of the eponymous comic book by Robert Kirkman. It's about a group of people thta must exist after the apocalypse as the last survivors in...

  • Captain America
    Film & Fantasy - Specials

    Captain America Shield, Thor Hammer and many more products are on sale now and ready to ship.

    Captain America is a fictional character, a superhero who appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics.Equipped with a costume in the colors of the American national flag, he becomes Captain...

  • Santa Claus
    Santa Claus

    On the 06th December, you can expect a big special in our shop.

    Dear customers,The Christmas season has started and the St. Nicholas Day is also just around the corner.On the 6th December we will have a big special for you.Please take a look in our shop here.Your...

Many fantastic knives from Extrema Ratio are now available from stock, and even for a short time with up to 20% discount on offer.

The following knives are on sale now:Fulcrum C, Desert Warfare [86248]https://www.swords-and-more.com/fulcrum-c.htmlDobermann IV Tactical...

15.07.2020 | Swords & Knives, in stock

3 fantastic swords of the brand CAS Hanwei are now available for delivery.

https://www.swords-and-more.com/shi-katana.htmlhttps://www.swords-and-more.com/raptor-unokubi-zukuri.htmlhttps://www.swords-and-more.com/raptor-nambokucho-katana.htmlThe Raptor Series has been...

14.07.2020 | Swords & Knives, in stock

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13.07.2020 | Swords & Knives, in stock

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12.07.2020 | Swords & Knives, in stock
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