• The Walking Dead - Michonne
    The Walking Dead - Michonne´s Katana - handforged

    The sword is back in stock - order now and get it before christmas.

    The U.S. series "The Walking Dead" is an adaptation of the eponymous comic book by Robert Kirkman. It's about a group of people thta must exist after the apocalypse as the last survivors in...

  • Archer´s Sallet [70212]
    Specials - 40% Discount

    Many helmets are on sale now.

    The following products are on sale now:Viking Helmet [70967]Battle Ready Morion Helmet [17248]Dark Warrior [17242]Archer´s Sallet [70212]Spitz-Helm [17210]Combat Helmet (hinged faceplate) [17058]More...

  • 300: Rise of an Empire
    300: Rise of an Empire

    The sword of the movie is ready to ship again.

    From 300: Rise of an Empire comes the Sword of Themistokles. Fanatics of the original movie 300 will be overjoyed to know that the story is continued. For the serious 300 fanatic, they can own a...

  • Tiger Elite Katana
    Tiger Elite Katana

    The sword of Hanwei is for a short time on sale now.

    The Tiger Elite Katana has been re-designed from kissaki to kashira. Utilizing a hand forged and folded Performance Series katana blade and some of the finest fittings available, the Tiger is equally...

  • Honshu Full Tang Tactical Wakizashi with sheath
    Honshu Full Tang Tactical Wakizashi with sheath

    The Wakizashi by United Cutlery is back in stock.

    This full-tang tactical wakizashi is built to perform! The mirror-polished, high-carbon steel blade is full-tang and features a deep blood groove as well as the Honshu™ etch. The handle features ...


Many products of Zelda are back in stock and ready to ship again.

If you are a fan of Zelda then you will want to add this great piece to your collection. Can you really have too many Zelda collectibles?This master sword with display plaque will make a fabulous...

20.10.2017 | Film & Fantasy, in stock
A.P.O.C. Survival Katana [40841]

The A.P.O.C. Survival Katana und Cutlass are ready to ship again now.

Before the seven seals are torn away... CAS proudly introduces the A.P.O.C. Swords from Dragon King. Whether it be plague, natural disaster, mass hysteria, nuclear fallout, zombies, alien invasion or...

19.10.2017 | Film & Fantasy, in stock
One Piece - LED Lamp [40834]

One Piece - LED Lamp »

13.10.2017 | Swords & Knives, Film & Fantasy, NEW

Rambo »

12.10.2017 | Film & Fantasy, in stock
Self-Defense Umbrella [85619]

Self-defense umbrella »

11.10.2017 | Swords & Knives, in stock
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