22. November 2022 Film & Fantasy in stock

The Lord of the Rings - Sheath for the Strider Sword

Aragorn's Sword Scabbard is now available for pre-order.


The officially licensed Scabbard for Strider's Sword. Solid metal collar and tip with an antiqued metal finish. Genuine leather wrap and straps with brass finished fittings and buckles. Includes a parchment certificate of authenticity. We include exclusive leather belt straps so that you can attach the scabbard to your belt !

Strider is the son of Arathorn, and heir to the Kingdom of Gondor. His ancestor, Isildur, was the King who cut the Ring of Power from the hand of Sauron with the sword Narsil Strider has served as a Ranger and joins the Fellowship to destroy the Ring that threatens his countrymen.

Note: sword not included.

This item is an official item produced by United Cutlery under the licence of New Line Cinema !

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