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Kris Sword

Cold Steel's fantastic sword is now available for immediate delivery from stock for the first time.


The Filipino islands are widely known for their vast assortment of edged weapons. There is a wide assortment of Kris swords styles to choose from as each island, region, clan, or school has its own favorite with some putting more emphasis on cutting while others favor styles more conducive for thrusting. The Cold Steel® Kris series, which includes a sword and dagger, is something we hope all practitioners of Filipino martial arts and sword aficionados will approve of and want to add to their collection.

The blades are made from 1055 carbon steel with a hard spring temper. They are satin polished and come fully sharpened. In profile, our Kris blades feature a moderately undulating blade shape with three concave curves and a long, descending spear point found on almost all Kris swords. This blade shape strikes a good balance between cutting power and thrusting ability and the sharp, sturdy points cut well at extreme range, but are acute enough to pierce efficiently. The base of the blades terminate in traditional, decorated “file cut” flanges with the shorter protecting the finger and the longer protecting the thumb wrist and lower forearm.

The classic handles emphasize strength and durability over fashion. Hand carved out of exotic Sal hardwood, they’re wrapped with wire, and embellished with a brass bolster.

Every Kris comes with an equally sturdy and practical scabbard, ready to be displayed on your wall or secured through your belt ready for action.

Weight: 697 g
Thick: 5 mm
Blade: 52.38 cm
Handle: 13.65 cm
Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel
Overall: 66.04 cm

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