17. Juli 2021 Swords & Knives NEW

M48 Red Tactical Kama with Sheath

The United Cutlery Kama can now be ordered brand new in the shop.


Traditional kamas were widely used among Filipino farmers as a sickle-like harvesting implement for reaping agricultural crops. United Cutlery’s M48 Red Kama was built for reaping havoc! This innovative new design features a cast stainless steel blade highlighted with metallic red and honed to a razor-sharp edge with a piercing point. A fiberglass reinforced nylon handle with a ridged slip-free grip offers excellent performance in the field and a durable nylon sheath is included to protect the blade for storage and carry. With this innovative design and the reliability of M48, this tactical kama can’t be beat!

Total Length: 39,37 cm
Blade Material: Stainless Steel

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