16. März 2023 Film & Fantasy in stock

The Witcher Sword Set - Silver + Steel Sword (Bundle of 41611 and 40659)

The extraordinary sword bundle is now available for immediate delivery.


This is an exclusive set of the Silver and Steel Sword of Geralt that will be a real eye-catcher and add a cool touch to your home.

Our set consists of:
1) The Witcher Silver Sword - It will used against the undead and most monsters as they are vulnerable to silver. A gold rune is etched in the center of the stainless steel blade. The extensions of the crossguard are shaped like lightning bolts. There is a silver ring in the middle of the handle for two hands. The handle ends in two crossed wolf heads. The blade is made of corrosion-resistant 420 stainless steel, which is strong and durable. The scope of delivery includes a wooden scabbard covered with imitation leather. Equipped with metal mounts and a back strap, it protects your valuable sword from damage.

2) the Witcher Steel Sword - The Steel Sword is used against humans and monsters that are not vulnerable to silver or such a tough armor have that only the hard steel can hurt them. This Witcher sword is 1:1 scale. It has a double-edged blade with a fuller that runs halfway down the length of the blade. The crossguard has a twisted design. There is a silver ring in the middle of the two-handed grip.

The set is a great 2-in-1 gift for birthdays, Christmas, New Year etc.

Both swords come with the scabbard delivered.

Steel Sword Details:
- Total length: 117 centimeters
- Total weight: 1.26 kilograms
- Blade length: 91 centimeters
- Blade width: 5.2 centimeters
- Blade thickness: 4 millimeters
- Handle length: 21 centimeters
- Handguard length: 24.8 centimeters
- Handle material: Hardwood wrapped with brown wax cord
- Sheath length: 98 centimeters
- Stainless steel blade

Silver Sword Details:
- Blade length: 89 centimeters
- Total length: 119 centimeters
- Total length with scabbard: 126 centimeters
- Width of the crossguard: 24 centimeters
- Weight without sheath: 1300 grams
- Hand-forged 420 steel blade

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