24. Januar 2023 Film & Fantasy in stock

Witcher - steel sword with scabbard, Netflix version

The sword from the series is now available immediately.


Geralt of Riva's sword from the popular series The Witcher.

In the series, mutant witch Geralt von Riva fights for a place in the world and for gold against dangerous monsters. In addition, the magician Yennefer van Vennerberg fights with her fate and heiress to the throne Cirilla escapes from the Nilfgaardian army.

A real must for fans of the Netflix series or the computer game.

The witcher always carries two swords with him during his adventures. On the one hand the steel sword, which is used in the fight against human opponents and normal animals and on the other hand the silver sword, which Geralt uses in the fight against all kinds of monsters.

In this replica of the "steel sword" from the TV series, the blade is made of 1050 steel. The wooden scabbard is covered with black synthetic leather.

Weight with scabbard: 1.76 kg
Weight without scabbard: 1.32 kg
Total length with scabbard: 118 cm
Total length of the sword (without scabbard): 105.5 cm
Blade length: 80 cm
Handle (including knob): 22 cm
Handle (without knob): 15 cm
Balance point: 12 cm
Width cross-guard: 21.5 cm
Blade material:1050 steel,unsharp
Handle material:Zinc-alloy
Scabbard material:Wooden with Black fake leather

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