Get premium points with every buying

For each purchase in our Swords & Knives Shop or in our Airsoft & Guns Shop you will receive bonus points amounting to the value of the purchased goods.

So if you buy for 200 euros you will receive 200 points. The bonus points will be credited within 15 days after your goods have been despatched.
You can perceive your points total in the respective shop under "My account". You merely have to register for this.

As soon as you have collected 500 points you are able to encash them during your next order. Simply tick the hook at "Set bonus points against order?" and our shop will deduct the equivalent value from the total amount of your order.

Further, you will receive bonus points when rating articles in our shops. You will receive 25 points for each rating. These points will be set down to your account as well.

Musketeer Rapier [13517]
Musketeer Rapier
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